Originally from Sant Guim de Freixenet (La Segarra), our family has always been dedicated to agriculture and livestock. We began with the home production of mató to take advantage of our herd’s surplus milk and in a short time it was distributed among the neighbors, restaurants and shops in the area.

At home we have always liked sitting at the table with family and friends to enjoy good food. So, since we started in 1992, we have maintained our homemade recipes and the handcrafting processes to guarantee the traditional flavors and textures of our products.

Since 1992, we have innovated the production of handmade dairy products such as mató, yogurts and fresh cheeses.

Faithful to our philosophy of enhancing traditional flavors and textures, we have preserved the artisan processes that allow us to maintain the originality of traditional homemade products.

We are committed to creativity and innovation both in the development of new products and in the implementation of natural techniques for packaging and preserving Pastoret handcrafted products.

Over the years we have expanded and improved our facilities – from production in a small workshop to one of the most modern factories in Europe -, we have been incorporating family recipes, such as fresh cheese or artisan yogurt, and we have developed new ones, such as the Yogurt Caprichos or the Organic Yogurts that are currently part of our product catalog.