BRC Certification

Pastoret has achieved the distinction of the BRC (British Retail Consortium) certification, one of the most prestigious quality labels in the world that certifies the quality of the processing processes of the food industries. This recognition implies the improvement in the quality management system, implies the implementation of certain requirements on the work environment, the control of the product and the processes of elaboration. Thus, the standard offers the opportunity to demonstrate the company’s commitment to continuous improvement in terms of food safety, quality and legality of the agri-food sector.

BRC-Global Standard Food Safety, developed by British distribution in 1998, is one of the most recognized international rating models by distributors and supermarkets. Its objective is to assure the conformity and capacity of the same to guarantee the quality and safety of the food products that are offered to the consumers.

The company of La Segarra thus achieves maximum recognition by international distributors and opens the door to enter markets such as Anglo-Saxon where recognition is key to being able to distribute their food products.